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Larissa. +375232953982

I do not want to go into the heart of the matter. But the professionalism of the team I was simply amazed. But I think all this one word. I found this detective agency accidentally on the Internet. I wrote an e-mail and responded to my appeal quickly. Specific results I got about a month, and this despite the fact that the volume of tasks was great! And what surprised me more ,, so this diversity of countries with which agents operate. Ultimately, fears were justified. But now I could prove to them and, in my case, has kept a large sum. I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who helped me! I always appreciate in people dedication, honesty and dedication! If someone needed my help on the work of the agents, you can contact me by phone 375 232 953 982. It's worth it! Not for a moment regretted it and found peace and tranquility. "
Good luck to you in your work, patience and effort!

Anton V.

Sometimes invest their own funds in start-up and feed the hope of the firm. But one day, I circled around her finger, ran into a scam. Do not want to get back into the same trap. So when six months later again decided to buy a few shares of one company turned to the agency "Private detective Lviv", there to find out how a young company honestly does business. Intuition tells me that it's crooks and confirmed. Detectives have helped me save money from losses. Now, before making important investment decisions I turn into lions and get all the necessary information. On the face of the result - revenues are steadily growing.


Thank you very much for your help. I myself would have never found a way out of this difficult situation. You are true professionals.


I, of course, against the dating on the internet, but then I started to write one young man. One day I went to him immediately located, only in something haunted. A friend advised me to check his past, and in general, the person lives. Employees of the detective agency found that it is absolutely not the one it claims to be, and to his credit for many of these victims, like me, he just bred for money. Glad I did not have time to become attached to it strongly, and it was much harder to break even this correspondence.


Thank you for helping to restore justice and save my marriage from disintegration.


If you want to find true professionals who will help you in difficult situations, only here they work. I periodically get in different situations difficult because of their difficult work. And that's just they do help me. Well done guys. I advise everyone to work with them.

Semen I.

I was recently accused the company to which I have given more than 10 years of his life in the theft and espionage. At first I was just the shock of such a betrayal. After all, with the leadership of the company from the very beginning I started as invested in their business. And there is. But thanks to this detective agency found out that it's just a setup from a new employee, who have relatively recently running. Did not penetrate exactly what he had there were plans. But it became clear that he began to adjust leadership not only against me, but against many of our close-knit team. In short, not only I was able to justify and stay at work, but also opened my eyes to this Cossack mishandled.

An anonymous client

Many thanks to the art of the agency for their work. They helped me to recover all the information from my laptop. I have traveled many companies, no one could solve the problem. Although I do not know that there is a complex for the pros. And here helped. Rekspekt you guys.


A few months ago, I began to notice one of her friend's strange behavior. We always were together all weekend, but suddenly she became somehow distant. At first I thought that she had a guy appeared pleased. But then met with her mom, and she also expressed suspicions and worries. So we decided we had to call it a detective agency to the pros have already found out what was going on. It turned out that my friend with his head went into the religious sect. Brain washed her there so that we are still a few months led her into feeling. But if not for the help of detectives, it is unknown what would it ended.

Sergey Viktorovich

I am extremely gullible people and work with anyone I never will. But if you really have a problem, then you can safely call this detective. In our own experience has verified that really work one hundred percent or even more. They saved me already once from ruin. Now I will only consult with them on their business issues. Or it may have for personal. But they can be trusted, and that's the most important thing today.

Irina S.

I would like to say a big thanks to the staff of the detective agency in Turkey. They helped me to buy a property in several resort towns. This process has always been dangerous, too many scams on the market. But such cooperation is now nothing to fear from me.

Eugene S.

I always thought that he can solve all your questions. But it turned out that in some situations need help specialists such as these. I'm not going into the details of their problems go. I can only say one thing, that it is not only possible, but also to be trusted.

Victor D.

Many thanks to the staff of the detective agency for their hard work and assistance in my question. The wife began to accuse me of treason and sued for divorce. Documents were forged in such a way that I had to pay child support is simply unrealistic and give them to children all their possessions. I, of course, children love and throw them was not going to. But when nothing is too difficult to blame. On the advice of a friend called to this agency. They were able not only to collect evidence that all my life faithful to his wife, but also to prove its relationship with one speculator, who came up with this whole scheme. So now we're divorced, but the children live with me.


My story is also typical of our time. The peculiarity is that the things my son began to disappear from the house. The needs we can not have, being provides us his father. I began to torment this strange situation speculated was thinking about drugs, and I immediately turned to you for help to the agency. After making your detective work, thankfully, my fears were confirmed. But, the problem was in the other, and neither one of those "nice." According to the results was established that was playing in a casino, and put up things from the house to pay off the debt. After you learn the truth repaid debts son, have successfully applied educational activities. The result is obvious - realized and more these games is not interested.


I recently came back late at night from work by car and got into a small accident. I admit that all my fault. But those to whom I crashed, refused to call the police and just began to demand money. The amount is very large, and the business is there for two pennies. Since they left the scene, but was blackmailed by phone and threatened. The question was solved only after I asked the detective agency "Private Detective Turkey." Agents were able to find not only the prosecutors gather evidence and blackmail, but also witnesses of the accident even found. Thanks you. Though now sleep peacefully.


I did not think these guys really help and without crime to give me back my money. Lent one brow decent amount, and he disappeared in an unknown direction. Did not help me any personal communication, while here it is not found by chance telefonchik these guys. Work accurately, without fuss and at one hundred percent. I will now your regular customer.

family Filatov

Thank you for helping us to resolve the issue with our friends who are no longer friends, as it turned out. And that just does not own marriage fell apart because of these scams on their part.

Oksana Semenova

The next time I need immediate assistance in gathering information, I will address only to you. Thank you for your service and professionalism. All would have worked in their fields.


Very grateful to the detectives for their help in providing an alibi. Well, sometimes. Unfaithful to his wife by accident. Saved my honor and marriage.


I'm the head of one fairly large company. Use the services of a detective agency "Private Detective Turkey" for quite some time. They help me in selecting staff using a lie detector and conduct periodic inspection of premises to identify bugs. Very handy when you have such a reliable assistant. I feel completely safe.

family Svistunova

If it were not employees of the detective agency, that our marriage would be destroyed. On the phone to his wife began to receive messages from some woman that he is my lover, and my wife, I have not love. All my explanations did not help. Offered together to address a detective agency to find out the whole truth. As a result of the investigation it became clear that this is one of my former employees decided to take revenge for her dismissal allegedly my fault. And so wanted to destroy my family. Thank you for your perseverance and determination to follow through. Will apply again if required.


I have been in business online for several years. There have been various cases, the client does not pay for the work, but basically all the little things. And it suddenly unexpectedly disappeared somewhere regular customer. I have Skype but his was nothing else. The amount he owed me was very decent to just dismiss it. So it turned into a detective agency. Just a week - half the money for my work were returned to me. Naturally with this man I no longer work. But now I know that the repetition of such situations I have to turn to for help and protection.

Svetlana S.

Thank you for the detectives that helped to know what my son began to disappear, and where my money. The problem is that he is growing up without a father, divorced when the child one year old was not. Married I do not come out, she raised her son. Everything was fine, but a few months ago, his behavior changed dramatically. He became withdrawn, stopped going to school, started to lose money from my purse, first on the little things, then larger amounts. At no dialogues he did not come. That turned into a detective agency. Specialists fast enough to find out that he was playing in an online casino and there lost everything. Bring him back to life helped psychologists from the same agency. Thank you very much.

family Agafonova

We very often go to rest exactly on foreign resorts, and Turkey is one of the favorite countries of our family. Previously, there were no problems. But in the last trip it turned out that her husband card unexpectedly lost money, although no further payments are not made. It is immediately applied to the detective agency. It turned out that this is our tour operator with whom we have worked the past few years, somehow got all the details and to download our savings. All evidence of fraud in our hands, and all thanks to private detectives.


I never thought that use the services of private investigators. But it so happened that before the death of my grandmother wanted to see his sister, with whom they have been at loggerheads for more than fifty years and the existence of which no one else in my family did not know. But it is a detective agency staff helped us to find this woman. Well, she was still alive, and they had to come to terms with my grandmother.

Anna V.

I have long been working with these private detectives. Solves many of the questions on work and in personal terms. Feel free to recommend to anyone who would be in a difficult situation. They will help you.


I want to note the high professionalism of the detective agency "Private Detective Turkey", which quickly searched my office and found all the bugs. I have long had a suspicion that I was someone watching. But I think that all of this is the result of fatigue at work. Shared with his wife, and she gave the phone the agency. I do not know how she had it. Definitely, I will now attract the guys for continued cooperation. We still have the staff to check on the detector. Most likely, some of them are spies.


I've thought of my Dad married here in my old age. The mother then died seven years ago. And he suddenly feeling some awake. Yes, all would be nothing if it were not for its big business in Turkey and the difference with the bride for more than twenty years. It's clear that she wanted to find yourself a rich husband. A conversation with him did not help. Here specialists had to connect to check that the young lady. It is only saved our family from ruin, and the father of deception. Thank you for your work and clear reports. Since my father is the only way you can work.

Sergey F.

My wife has become too often fly to Turkey ostensibly with friends on vacation. She had nothing does not deny, I was not against. But now there were some suspicions. Decided to see if she has got not there myself someone on the side. Naturally it would be cheaper to hire a detective there. That turned into this detective agency "Private Detective Turkey." After a couple of days on my table were not only confirm that I became a cuckold, but all infa on this hero-lover. Now think what to do next. But at least the certainty came. Thank you guys for efficiency.

family Belov

Glad to get acquainted with these detectives. My wife and I are often on the road for work. And keep an eye on our child - no one teenager. So sometimes we ask our new friends to know where and with whom the son of conducting.


Thank you for saving my girlfriend. The Old struck her new boyfriend, who was an ordinary marriage scams. And she has a lot of soul, there is something to make money in such a rascal. Only official report detectives stopped her from this quick marriage.

Olga V.

I have long started to suspect her husband of infidelity, but did not dare to make definitive conclusions, and justify it in their eyes and in front of people close to us. He said that he was going on business trips, and my heart is not in place. Here I do not believe it all. Fortunately, a friend still vouchsafed to your detective agency to call, tell, ask for help. He really had an affair on the side. And in any trip, he never traveled. Now with the help of lawyers from the same agency divorce cook. You have to start all over again, but without such deceit and betrayal.

Svyatoslav Alexandrovich

I would like to thank the staff of the detective agency "Private Detective Turkey" for your help in gathering information about one my potential partner. I usually do not use such services, but in this situation the day before the signing of the contract have any doubts. Advised to check each company. And as it turned out - it's crooks. If I signed the contract, but now would have been bankrupt. You saved my business



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