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Детективное агентство «Частный детектив»

Почему в наше время люди все больше доверяют частным детективам? Почему обращаются в частные детективные агентства? Дело в том, что иногда мы попадаем в очень неудобные ситуации и наши проблемы нужно решить деликатно. Эти проблемы не всегда входят в компетенцию правоохранительных органов. А иногда наши проблемы решаются правоохранительными органами слишком долго, без должного рвения.


My story is also typical of our time. The peculiarity is that the things my son began to disappear from the house. The needs we can not have, being provides us his father. I began to torment this strange situation speculated…

— Xenia

We very often go to rest exactly on foreign resorts, and Turkey is one of the favorite countries of our family. Previously, there were no problems. But in the last trip it turned out that her husband card unexpectedly…

— family Agafonova

I recently came back late at night from work by car and got into a small accident. I admit that all my fault. But those to whom I crashed, refused to call the police and just began to demand money. The amount is very large,…

— Victoria

Thank you for the detectives that helped to know what my son began to disappear, and where my money. The problem is that he is growing up without a father, divorced when the child one year old was not. Married I do not…

— Svetlana S.

Thank you for helping to restore justice and save my marriage from disintegration.

— Irene

I, of course, against the dating on the internet, but then I started to write one young man. One day I went to him immediately located, only in something haunted. A friend advised me to check his past, and in general,…

— Nadejda

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Our motto is: "We do not make promises - we do work».
  • - measure of the quality of our work are the rules that operate all detective agencies;
  • - our employees are personally responsible for the privacy interaction with each client;
  • - you receive from us only verified information ..

Detective Agency "Private Detective Turkey»


Over the years, in Turkey, as well as in other countries, our detective agency has acquired invaluable experience in providing services for both private and legal persons. We work in every city in Turkey and have developed close professional relationships with our colleagues in countries such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia. This approach to the organization of work allows us online and professionally respond to any request of our customers, no matter where in the world they are. In addition, each private investigator working in our agency is always ready to travel, if the need arises. The more that we are actively working on such major resorts in Turkey, as in Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Side, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Izmir.


In our agency you can get not only the services of a private detective, but also many other professionals who work in a great team, in some cases, working closely with each other to solve a particular problem, which in turn detective agency "Private Detective Turkey» . Nowhere else, except our government and private investigation, you will not be able to simultaneously access to such specialists as lawyers, psychologists, forensic experts, polygraph, operational staff and many others. And every one of our employees has set itself the main objective is fast, efficient and quality solution to each of our clients.


Turning to our detective agency, you will learn from their own experience that the detective services is not only the collection of information about a particular person or organization, search people and identify wiretapping of mobile phones, conducting surveillance and disposal of our customers from a third party surveillance, but also a huge number of other areas, they work with our experts. You can be sure that each of our private detective agency can assist in difficult situations psychological support to our clients, a difficult decision in a critical situation and take responsibility for it, to do everything to protect the interests of the clients of our detective agency.


But also should take into account that each private investigator regardless of the situation will act only within the law. In connection with this detective agency "Private Detective Turkey" is taken for solving crimes, but never takes advantage of a detective agency to justify criminals or hiding some facts obtained by us during a particular investigation.


Call our detective agency and rest assured that your case will be dealt with immediately to transfer it to the private detective, an individual approach and taking into account all the nuances of your requests to us. We guarantee complete privacy for your call and dialogue with our expert, as well as the results of the investigation or the task. Private detective, who will conduct your business, give all the results only to you, eliminating the possibility of raising a third party. The cost of a private detective in each individual case. Call and find out how much it will cost you a private detective work in your particular situation.


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How to install the surveillance of telephone

Phone - this is the tool that can be used today not only as a means of communication. If you have minor children, you can set them spying through the phone to always keep abreast of and at the right time to protect them from the negative effects from these or other contacts.

Where to take the test on a polygraph

How often in life it is necessary to know the truth and only the truth. And there can not be any excuses used or even just suspect that you are lying. But not everyone is willing to honestly admit its ji or answer uncomfortable questions, do not lie. Therefore, even just to find out how people honest with you, can help to check on a polygraph.

How much does a polygraph examination

In every person's life there are very difficult questions to which he did not want to answer. But there are also situations in which these responses are urgently needed. And some of these cases begin just lie and wriggle, trying to convince his interlocutor that he was right.