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Even with all the abundance of information today to find a reliable and trusted private investigator is extremely difficult. But you are lucky enough. You were at our website and already have the possibility at any time to order services the best private detectives in Turkey. Even if you live in another country, but you need help in this part of the world, we are always at your service. And if suddenly you find some answers to your questions in the list of our services, do not despair, just call one of our private detectives, who will tell you in more detail about our capabilities, as well as listen to your problem and maybe it will immediately -What advice.


The cost of a private detective in Turkey can not be fixed, since it depends on the specific factors and parameters that are usually individual. Therefore, the price of a private detective in Turkey will be announced to you only after your communication with our specialist. Please contact us any time, and it is better now.

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How to install the surveillance of telephone

Phone - this is the tool that can be used today not only as a means of communication. If you have minor children, you can set them spying through the phone to always keep abreast of and at the right time to protect them from the negative effects from these or other contacts.

Where to take the test on a polygraph

How often in life it is necessary to know the truth and only the truth. And there can not be any excuses used or even just suspect that you are lying. But not everyone is willing to honestly admit its ji or answer uncomfortable questions, do not lie. Therefore, even just to find out how people honest with you, can help to check on a polygraph.

How much does a polygraph examination

In every person's life there are very difficult questions to which he did not want to answer. But there are also situations in which these responses are urgently needed. And some of these cases begin just lie and wriggle, trying to convince his interlocutor that he was right.